Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reading = Sleep?

This morning, I noticed something unusual.

It would appear as though the children and I all slept through the night.

They stayed up a little later than usual, but they both managed to wake up naturally at 7:00am. I myself woke up a little after 6:00, but didn't actually get out of bed until more like 6:50. Ahem.

I realized that there was one thing that we all did last night, which I have apparently been failing to notice is the possible key to all of this restful, continuous sleep: We all read a book.

My son, now 6, read an entire book to himself, cover to cover. ("The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Hot Air Baboons," for those curious. I highly recommend this entire series.) He begged to stay up, "just a few more minutes!" to finish the last few pages.

My daughter, now 8, started reading "The Lemonade War," which she has chosen for her January book report. Her goal is to read 20 pages a day, so that she can have it finished in just 8 1/2 days. Last night, she read 23 pages.

I started "Bonjour Tristesse" by Francoise Sagan, and managed to get through Part 1 in about an hour. I can't wait to get back to it.

I wonder if sitting in bed and reading for a time is what helped us all to relax into sleep, rather than the usual grumping and complaining (not from me - you will never hear me complain about having to curl up in bed). No one jumped out of bed and ran in to me, asking if I would come and lie down with them. No one suddenly felt hungry or thirsty; no one cried out of frustration because they were having trouble relaxing.

Clearly, this could all be a fluke. Maybe we were all so exhausted from having to start another day at school, that we really did just sleep fast and hard.

You are crazy if you think I won't be repeating this ritual for the rest of week, just to be sure.


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