Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Sewing Project ~ Fleece Beanbags

Are you ready for a super satisfying afternoon sewing project? I highly recommend checking out this tutorial from Abby at While She Naps for making some rainbow fleece beanbags.  I dragged my ridiculous stash of fleece upstairs from the basement last week, with the intention of making a plain rainbow of beanbags. Once the kids saw my collection of prints, though, things changed, and suddenly I WAS CUTTING OUT FIFTEEN (one is already missing, because children).

These took no time at all, and the kids have been enjoying them. They have made up games where they try to pile them on their heads and walk down the hallway without having any fall off, or tossing them into baskets (or at each other, because children). Beanbags are just fun to have around, so give them a try!

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  1. Beanbags are best home furniture and that can be the perfect seating arrangement for kids as well as adults.