Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Making {Cloth Tissue Holder and a Family of Knit Cowls}

This weekend was so calm and quiet that I felt inspired to set up the sewing machine. It had been since holiday crafting that I last sat down with it, so making something with no deadline felt really great. I have recently been enjoying The Rhythm of Family, and one of the projects for February was to sew a hanging bag for handkerchiefs. Love! I had a stash of cloth tissues for the kids (a soft knit or terry print on one side, and organic fleece or bamboo velour on the other), so I sewed up a few more and got to work on the bag. It was such an easy and cleverly designed project. The kids were excited to have a special place to store their tissues, and it's hanging on the doorknob to the pantry in the hallway for easy access.

I then went back to the January section of the book and began knitting a winter cowl out of some leftover Noro Kureyon that I had lying around since it became longies for the girl (nearly 7 YEARS AGO NOOOOOOOOO). It flew off of the needles while I watched some Olympic coverage, and once the kids saw it, well. Two more to make. I've still got one more to finish for the husband, who decided, yes, we all might need one. The boy is content to walk around the house in his. Knitting success!

It snowed again yesterday, which was a little bit of a damper to the spirits after such a sunny Monday. I was beginning to believe that we had seen the last of it, but I should know better. More knitting is on the docket, for sure.


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