Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Day Clementine Preserves

Winter just keeps rolling on, and the kids had their first snow day of the school year on Wednesday! I think that we were all glad for the little break from getting in and out of the car, and it was nice for the kids to have a day full of play. I found an easy little recipe for clementine preserves right here, and in an act of extreme small batch canning, I cut the recipe in half. I was able to put up exactly three half-pints! I also baked a fresh loaf of crusty dutch oven bread, which we always need to have on hand. I'm pretty sure the boy exists solely on my bread and butter, and apples.

I'm trying to take things slowly and embrace the time indoors by getting rid of as much junk as I can, and generally organizing the house. It seems like a never ending project. The husband built some beautiful shelves in the kids' room last weekend, and now I'm trying to get an idea of how I would like to have them organized. I'm really great at pinning things, but when it comes to implementation, I get so  overwhelmed, you know?

I'm ready for the weekend. The husband is taking the girl for a daddy date tomorrow morning, and she has been looking forward to it all week. The boy and I will stay home and bake some cookies. This morning he was very curious about the icicles hanging from our house. I took the opportunity to break one off, and explain to him how they form, and we talked about what happened when we brought it inside and held it in our hands, or when he put it in his mouth. "And now it's going to turn back into water, just like when it started!" This is the good stuff.

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