Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 Tracks of 2013

I am crawling out of the recesses of my crazy daily life to keep up my tradition of posting my top tracks of the year. I am cutting it quite close here, but it's still 2013 for another several hours. SO THERE.

At first, I felt like I wouldn't have much to say about the year in music, because it seems like this year flew right by. As I started to compile my list, I realized that I had listened to a bunch of new stuff that now seems like it has always been around. A ringing endorsement for these tracks, for sure.

13. "Submarines" - The Lumineers

Listen, no one hates me more for loving this song than me, so let's just not talk about it. 

12. "They Told Me" - Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

I'm trying not to fly into a full-fledged depression spiral over the fact that Sallie Ford has announced that they are parting ways this year. I LOVE THEM AND THEIR NEW ALBUM SO HARD YOU GUYS. Not to fear - Sallie is going to continue making music, and this fills me with enough joy to get me through the sadness. This was the first track that I heard off of the 2013 album Untamed Beast, which was released in February. Give it a listen if you haven't, because her voice is one of my favorite things.

11. "Mother" - Said the Whale

Have you been hearing this one on the radio since November? Because it's my new favorite song. While I'm not super crazy about the rest of Said the Whale's output on their album Hawaiii, this single is a keeper. I sing the chorus constantly, and now you can, too!

10. "Is Your Love Big Enough?" - Lianne La Havas

Technically this song came out last year, but you know. That never stops me from including it in a "best of" list when THIS is the year that I fell in love with it. The husband and I got to see Lianne La Havas perform this summer, and it was amazing, and she is amazing, and this song? Yup.

9. "Diane Young" - Vampire Weekend

I nearly chose "Ya Hey" as my favorite new Vampire Weekend joint, but then I realized that I probably played this one much more, because you know, it's a catchy tune. This is my favorite performance because this video was directed by Steve Buscemi. I'm thankful that YouTube does not track personal views. #ezraproblems

8. "The Man Who Lives Forever" - Lord Huron

One of my favorite new finds of the year was Lord Huron. You guys. They are amazing. We saw them at Newport this summer, and they were hands down my favorite performance of the weekend. Their album Lonesome Dreams came out last year, and it is one that you can play on continuous loop all day and never tire of it. I look forward to hearing more from them soon. 

7. "Shake" - The Head and the Heart

I am really surprised by how much I like the new album, Let's Be Still. The husband is a big fan of their  self-titled debut, which I was always kind of cool on, and now I'm all, THIS ALBUM IS THE BEST ALBUM LET'S LISTEN TO IT AGAIN and he's kind of meh. THE CYCLE OF LIFE CONTINUES.

6. "Hey Doll" - Deer Tick

We were at the Blues Cafe when Deer Tick debuted their new album, Negativity. They played it live in it's entirety, and it was pretty rad. I chose this as my favorite track because John plays piano on it, and everyone loves a good sad bastard song. 

5. "On The Road" - Houndmouth

YES. I am pretty sure that Houndmouth was the husband's favorite performance at Newport this year, and I must say, they are pretty fun to watch. This song is so catchy, and one that I definitely remember them playing live. 

4. "Most People" - Dawes

TAYLOR GOLDSMITH APPRECIATION LIFE. They played this at their Dawes + Friends show at Newport, and I was smitten. Stories Don't End, their new album for 2013, has grown on me exponentially this year. They are always one of my favorite bands to hear live, and I can't wait to see them again in 2014. 

3. "Song for Zula" - Phosphorescent

Another completely amazing performer that we were lucky enough to hear live this year, Phosphorescent has the ability to make you smile and cry. This song was played at the Dawes + Friends show after he quipped, "Let's do this weird; just figure it out." Brilliant. 
2.5 "The Wire" - HAIM

Okay, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. #jorma

2. "Pompeii (Acoustic)" - Bastille

I think that those that love Bastille will all agree: they should always perform acoustic or a capella. DAN'S VOICE WHAT IS THIS SORCERY. This specific version of Pompeii is my favorite, and while the album version is well and fine, to truly appreciate the genius of this band, you have to listen to them stripped down to vocals and hand slapping and I guess that one guitar. UGH. I have worn out my F5 button.

1. "Goodbye, Goodbye" - Tegan and Sara

It took a tremendous amount of soul searching to pick just one track off of Heartthrob, because basically the entire album is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my life. It is the rarity in music - an album so perfect that there is not one skippable track. If you haven't listened to it yet, get on it. It's my favorite album of 2013!!!


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