Monday, August 5, 2013

A Colorful Bunting Wreath For My Front Door!


Whilst in the throes of preparing for our annual trek to the Newport Folk Festival, I somehow decided that it would be the perfect time to make a new wreath for the front door of my house. I get my most inspired ideas in times of stress, so.

The base of this wreath is a styrofoam circle, which I wrapped in strips of muslin, and attached with hot glue. So much easier than wrapping one of these bad boys in yarn, let me tell you.

The center is a mini corkboard that I found in my basement, having forgotten about it years ago. I can't remember if I got this from a dollar store, or for super cheap at Joanns, but in any event, it's several years old, so I have no idea where you might find a similar one. I suggest Joanns and any crafty store that you might frequent. To the corkboard, I attached this adorable little piece of artwork, using some old push-pins.

I made some mini rainbow buntings, which are TOO MUCH FUN. I strung them with baker's twine and some tiny pins. They are my new favorite craft. I will be bunting-ing everything, thanks.

I should note that this is actually not the *front* front door. We have a storm door that you can see reflected in the glass here. If I had made this as an outdoor wreath, I probably would have used a frame for the center to protect the artwork. Also, I would probably live somewhere other than upstate New York, as at any time there could be a torrential downpour, violent winds, or a snowstorm, which would not be any kind of good to my crafty endeavors.

I feel good about having done something nice for the house. My list of want-to-dos is forever growing, you know? I blame Pinterest.