Thursday, June 6, 2013

Band Crush Alert: Bastille (Please Live in My Basement)

Thanks to some lovely BookTube ladies (ahem, Rincey and Marlin), I started listening to the British band Bastille a few months ago. It now appears that they are making their way stateside, having finally released a US edition of their album, Bad Blood, and getting radio play for their single, Pompeii.

If you really want to love them, get thee to YouTube and search for their acoustic versions of their songs. WHAT SORCERY.

I have listened to this particular version so many times that I am fairly sure that I need therapy. HOW ARE YOU EVEN THIS PERFECT.

If you guys need a place to stay on your US tour, my basement is available for free. I make great pancakes.


  1. Holy crap that was awesome. Putting them on my "albums to buy" list.

    1. RIGHT?!?!?!? Google their covers album - I'm not sure if we can buy it in the US, but it's five songs and I think you can stream it on Soundcloud. AMAZING.