Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Weekend With Friends

Nearly two weeks ago (that long already???) I went downstate to visit with my friends Steph and Amanda. That Friday was Steph's birthday, so we were celebrating and hanging out for the first time in what seemed like forever, but was more like 9 months, which is still a long time.

I have finally acquired a real piece of luggage (thanks to the husband, who purchased this for me on my birthday!), so naturally I packed as though I were going off on a week's vacation, rather than a couple of nights. You know how that goes.

My train ride was peaceful, and after a comical game of "WHERE ARE YOU STANDING? NO, I'M STANDING RIGHT THERE. DON'T MOVE!!!!!!!!!!" with Amanda at Penn Station, we finally got on the LIR and met up with Steph and our friend Robbie. Steph is not amused by people who hang cigarettes out of their windows. She has no problem mocking them at stop lights.

A fun birthday dinner at Tomo Hibachi! Steph and Amanda shared the Dragon Bowl. It was on fire.

I had never been to a hibachi place before, and it was pretty fun, although our table mates were a little bit crazy, asking for things WITHOUT things, or ON THE SIDE of things. I had the veggies, and they were delicious. We were kind of obsessed with the carrot ginger salad dressing.

After staying up too late watching VHS tapes of recorded MTV shows of the early 00s, we headed out to a deli for breakfast. BAGELS AND CREAM CHEESE AND COFFEE. We're going to start a web show called Bagel Bites, where we sit in front of a deli eating bagels and talking about people and their problems. We even have a pretty amazing theme song.

As is tradition, we needed to go to the park to see the baby geese. It just so happened to be Long Island Pride! This meant an eclectic mix of vendors, crazy costumes, lot of rainbows, and the big parade (which we pretty much missed) FEATURING DEBORAH GIBSON. While trying to decide what to do next, we were treated to the vocal stylings of Amber Ferrari. Really, we just listened to her warm up for about 15 minutes. I wish that I had Steph's video.


Back at Steph's place, we exchanged birthday gifts, and LOOK AT WHAT MANDA BOUGHT FOR US - THREE-WAY S'MORES FRIENDSHIP NECKLACES WHAT IN THE WORLD THIS IS AMAZING. I am the marshmallow.

I got Steph the complete series of Dawson's Creek. The interior looks like senior photos. They are touched up beyond recognition, and therefore are to be displayed at all times.

Steph's neighbor has some cats, and they were chilling on the back lawn. Hello, cat!

Yes, cold cheese pizza. Yes to everything about you.

We were distressed by a gigantic spider that was hanging out next to Steph's door. It was seriously huge and hairy, and when she poked it with a stick, it jumped on the the grass, and then JUMPED AWAY. I have never seen a spider jump, and I am pretty much scarred for life.

Our evening was filled with a trip to Bayville Adventure Park, which is pirate themed and near the beach. Yes, please.

So calming.

Yay! Friends on the beach! Yay!

The ice cream shop was ridiculous for several reasons. Firstly, it is themed like a 50s diner. However, in the corner is a steampunk robot that occasionally sings and dances. We did not know what to make of it, but were incredibly amused when he performed a medley of Weird Al polkas. This is a thing that happened. 

Steph's friend Matt arrived and we all went Pirate Minigolfing! There was an abundance of gnats flying around! There was a lot of hilarious music that sounded like it was lifted from A Nightmare Before Christmas! We were carrying too many bags! There were 18 holes and we pretty much gave up around hole 10! Steph and Matt tied as the winners! GOLF!

We had a great dinner at a Mexican/Italian restaurant (yes, but really, it worked) and decided that we were going to start a show called Fusion Face Off, where we go to fusion restaurants all over the country and rate them. Then there would be an after-show podcast called Doggy Bag, where we rate the re-heatability of dishes. Can you tell that we are geniuses?

On the drive home, Amanda called in to a radio station that was playing all 80s and 90s requests. She requested Electric Youth by Deborah Gibson, and when they asked her why she wanted to hear Deborah Gibson, she said, "Um...BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME." We drove around for an absurd amount of time waiting to hear Manda's voice, BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED. We were the saddest.

I had to leave early the next morning to catch my train back upstate. It was a quick trip, but desperately needed for me, and I can't wait until we can hang out again. Meh.

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  1. Oh my god ALL OF THE THINGS. Plus, you got way better pics than I did!! That is a fantastic shot of the beach! I have to figure out how to get the video of Tick Tock the steampunk ice cream parlor piano man from my phone to the internet.

    Also, the cat's name is Patches. We learned things on Sunday.