Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{adventures} A Weekend in Montreal

We recently spent a weekend in Montreal, Quebec, and it was such a fun time. The weather was perfect for walking around the city, the food was delicious, and any time that I can be alone with the husband is a definite treat! There were so many places to check out, and we barely scratched the surface of the city, so we know for sure that we will have to go back soon.

Entering Canada!

Breakfast for lunch at Cora's, which is like the Canadian Friendly's.

 Thousands of pink balls strung up along the streets for the International Day Against Homophobia.

Suddenly, D'Angelo.

The Molson Brewery. It smelled like yeast. You weren't there.

There is so much art and live music happening in the city, most of it sponsored by the government. 

Random protest against stringent immigration laws. It was more like a parade, complete with marching band and police escorts.

I kind of love the post office boxes, even if every single one of them is defaced in some way.

We found this awesome open air bookshop, selling tons of used books in many different languages. 

Because when Three Men and a Baby is on television and it's dubbed in French, you watch it.

The best edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four in existence. I had to purchase. 

Let's get dressed up and go to a show, all adult-like!

It's that thing where I bought tickets last August to see Jay Baruchel as Sherlock Holmes, but he's not in the show because he's in LA doing reshoots for that unnecessary Robocop remake and I just want to set everything on fire.

There is a lot of great food in Montreal. Even the $5 breakfast is great. *sigh*

Bikes are a big part of the city. There are wide bike-friendly traffic lanes,  and bikes available to rent for the day.

It took us an embarrassingly long time to figure out the gasoline situation.

There was a ton of construction going on, and the signage was not always clear (and never in English), so we got a bit lost leaving the country. So lost, in fact, that we had to enter back into the US via Vermont. Apparently there were a lot of us from New York that had to do the same.

What about this giant spider sculpture at this farmer's market? WHAT ABOUT IT.

Canada would be home to Tim Hortons. It just would.

Look at all of this Canadian candy!!!!!!!!!



  1. Dude! We need to debrief on Montreal! I loved it too and can't wait to go back!

    1. Oh, there will be a recounting. THERE WILL BE BLOOD.