Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day at the Fair, 2012

The end of the summer means it's time for the Washington County Fair, and we are always so excited to go and walk around. This year, we went for pancakes early in the morning as we usually do, and then left after a couple of hours, deciding we would come back for dinner later. It was such a fun day!

 Waiting for pancakes and maple syrup.

They stop making breakfast at 9:30, so get there early!

Baby piggies keeping warm.



The babies are nursing!!! I can't even handle it.

Goat mama and her napping baby.

I heart goats.

The kids thought it was hilarious that this goat was stealing the hay from other goats. 

Goat twins!!!

The boy preferred the sheep.

 I don't like when they are tied up. Sadness. 

Why do people get on these things???

More to come, with pictures from our night at the fair!

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  1. Your pictures are great! -photography geek