Monday, August 6, 2012

Mic Check: Deer Tick, Joe Fletcher + the Wrong Reasons, and Ravi Shavi @ Newport Blues Cafe, 07/27/12, Newport, RI

Hello, Newport. You smell like the ocean.

We arrived in Newport in the early evening on Friday, and let me just say that it was a relaxing trip, even though we got in a little bit later than we had wanted to. We had time to get some food and walk around (in the rain, which I promise was so nice because we remembered an umbrella), and generally enjoy time together. WHAT IS THIS. Oh. Vacation.

Also, we saw Jim James in the lobby of our hotel.

So. That happened.

But back to the events of the evening.

Each night of the Newport Folk Festival, there is an after-party hosted by Deer Tick and the Newport Blues Cafe. All of the proceeds go to the Newport Festivals Foundation, which is pretty fantastic. We didn't go to Friday night at the Fort this year, but we were ready for a fun night at the Blues Cafe to start the weekend off right.

This is Ravi Shavi, and you should go and see them if they come to your town.

We began the evening with a set by Ravi Shavi, this incredible fusion of Chuck Berry, The Clash, and Beach Blanket Bingo. OMG. I was smitten pretty much immediately. They hail from various parts of Rhode Island, and let me just say that they are delightful. They have crazy energy - have a taste:

After they were through, there was a short changeover, and then Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons took the stage. Wow. They were definitely one of the favorites of the weekend for many, and we were glad to get to hear them in a more intimate setting. Here's a video from their set in the Quad on Sunday, playing with pretty much every person ever:

But then.

The main event. Deer Tick. Holy crap. We hadn't seen them live since last summer, at the Restoration Festival. They have gotten impossibly tighter as a group, and they put on an incredible show. They played a lot of favorites - "Easy," "Let's All Go to the Bar," and of course, "Ashamed." HELLO.

They closed out the night with a cover of "Fight For Your Right to Party." NEED I SAY ANY MORE?!?!?!?!?

It was such a fun night, and the perfect beginning of a weekend that, quite literally, was one of the best we have ever had.


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