Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Week Three

You guys. YOU GUYS. My house. It is honestly the cleanest that it has ever been. THE CLEANEST! EVER! HONESTLY!!!

Week three of the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge kept me on track.


My 15-minute "quick pick-up"? Um. It lasted all day. With a weekend full of birthday activities that kept us out of the house, and a trunk full of new stuff for the girl to play with, the living room was looking like a disaster zone. Luckily, the girl and I did a good-sized toy purge a few weeks ago in anticipation of her new stuff, so finding a place to put things was not too bad. I was so motivated that I ended up cleaning the kids' room, which is a neverending source of angst for me.

The big project was cleaning out the silverware drawer. My actual silverware drawer stays pretty clean, but while I was there I decided to tackle the other two drawers underneath it.


I found plenty of things to get rid of today. PLENTY.


Today was our errand day. The kids and I ran out to BJs and Target to pick up some staples that we were completely out of, and we were back home by lunch. I gave the whole house a vacuum (perks of living in a small home) - am I the only one who really enjoys it?

For the main project, it was all about cleaning the stove, stovetop, and microwave. I did something I have never done before - I ran the self-cleaning mode on my stove! I had visions of my house being engulfed with thick black smoke, but really, it wasn't that bad. I opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fan, and gave everything a good Febreezing afterwards. WIN!

(I recommend a vigorous scrubbing with baking soda and vinegar after the oven cools down.)


Today's chores were fairly easy - a 15-minute clean of the bathroom, and cleaning the top of the fridge and the outsides of the kitchen cabinets. I had just recently cleaned off the top of the fridge, so this wasn't bad at all. My cabinets need a new coat of paint.


The first assignment today was to clean mirrors and glass doors around the house. I had just been thinking on Wednesday that my big glass-doored cabinet in the kitchen needed a clean.

Cleaning out all of the utensil and junk drawers in the kitchen was next. I already had a head-start on that from Monday, when I decided to go ahead and clean out more drawers. My junk drawers, though? They were hurting for a cleaning.

Before.....................and after.
I still think that it looks messy. Maybe I need some containers to corral things?


No "assignments" today, so I just kind of TOOK THE DAY OFF. It felt nice. I took the kids to the mall to walk around for a bit, and we had a nice time together.

Our weekend went by too fast. It rained a lot, and I did a lot of baking. The house didn't get terribly out of control, and I was able to vacuum and do some laundry.

This is week 4 of the challenge, and overall I'm feeling less stressed about cleaning. It's not such a huge job anymore, and I'm not thinking about it as much. Progress!

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  1. Hey, your post is back. (I read it in my reader last night but when I clicked through to leave you a comment, it wasn't here.) Anyway, if you want my extra drawer organizers, let me know and I'll mail them to you.