Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Heart Bettie's Cakes!

As part of her birthday extravaganza, the girl got to choose a cupcake from Bettie's Cakes. We had never had them before, and they were delish!

The kids both picked the special Blueberry Smurf cupcakes (blueberry cake with blue frosting and marshmallows), the husband chose the Grasshopper (chocolate cake with mint frosting), and I got the red velvet. NOM. The young woman working at the counter was so sweet! She gave the kids some stickers, and let the girl pick out a birthday candle for her cupcake!

It should not surprise you that the children were in it mostly for the frosting. And by mostly, I mean completely. They were not disappointed. Thanks for the awesome treat, Bettie's! We'll be back for more!


  1. Oh! I've seen them in Colonie Center! Perhaps I'll have to try one next time I'm home, seeing as how I've got a weakness for cupcakes...

  2. So delish! Their bus was parked at Hewitts for the longest time, so whenever I went to visit my mom, she would have some in the house "for the kids," (yeah right!).