Thursday, April 5, 2012

Target Trip, 04/05/12

I'm trying to get back into couponing more regularly again. It really was helping us save a lot of money, but for the last several months we just haven't needed many of the things that there were good deals for. I'm planning on doing some more research about the prices at BJs combined with coupons to see if it's easier to focus most of our shopping there.

I got some pretty great deals at Target this afternoon! I also picked up a binder to start a home management binder for $3.00 (it came with a ruler, dividers, and a clear pocket folder, which I think will be very useful), and a decorative storage box that was on clearance for $3.04 (marked down from $19.99!). I'm going to use this to organize some items on my desk.

Today's Trip:

~Annie's Mac & Cheese - $1.25/box on sale (Plus, there is a mail-in coupon to get a FREE one-year subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine when you buy 2 Annie's products.)

~Kraft Spongebob Mac & Cheese - $1.00 on sale

~Market Pantry Vegetable Pasta Sauce - $1.00/each on sale (I rarely buy jarred pasta sauce because it's so easy and cheap to make it yourself, but this was a pretty great price and it's filled with veggies!)

~2 dozen eggs - $1.19/ea on sale, minus 55 cents off 2 coupon from Facebook = 2/$1.83

~Glade air freshener spray - $0.99, minus $1 off any Glade spray coupon from Target = FREE

~Method dish soap - $2.99, minus $1 off any Method cleaner coupon from Target plus $1 off any Method cleaner coupon from Facebook = $0.99

~Chocolate-dipped Peeps 3-pack x 2 - $1.99/ea, minus $1 off 2 coupon from Facebook plus TWO 50 cents off 1 coupon from Target = 2/$1.98

~GE Nightlight light bulbs 4-pack - $1.97, minus $2 off 1 coupon from Target  = FREE plus overage

~TUMS Freshers 25-pack - $2.49, minus 75 cents off 1 coupon from Target = $1.74

~Kraft Parmesan seasoning blends x 2 - $1.79/ea, minus TWO $1 off 1 coupon from Target = 2/$1.58

Total with Tax (and my two items not pictured) = $19.35
Used $5 Target gift card from a previous Target deal
Total Paid = $14.35

Have you gotten any good Target deals lately?


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