Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Style Swipe: Unintentional Twinsies

So. Yes. A funny thing happened this Easter Sunday. My sister and I showed up wearing the same dress! We had no idea that the other had bought it, and what's even stranger is that neither of us has paid full price for a piece of clothing in ages! What are the chances! This cute bunny dress is from H+M, and as you can see, even though we're wearing the same dress, we each styled it a bit differently. I'm wearing a lace-embellished cardigan from Forever 21, a pink glitter headband, earrings made by my mom, black cableknit tights, and black shoes. My sister paired the dress with a black tank top and black leggings, pink rose earrings, and some cute pink shoes!

I even painted my nails in a festive manner - light pink with gold glitter tips!


  1. super cute and so funny!! that has never happened to my sisters and i but one year, at a family party, apparently everyone but me got the memo that black and white stripes or block print was in...

  2. This was bound to happen again because, really, it's been way too long.

  3. That was my favorite moment of the day, thank you for the hilarity.