Monday, April 16, 2012

My Girl Is Five

I'm kind of in shock that I have a five-year-old child. I mean. How did this happen so quickly??? What is the meaning of this??? WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?

We celebrated the girl in a big way this weekend. Her birthday was a day completely full of her own decisions, from where we went to eat, to what activities we did, to what she wanted as birthday gifts. We started doing this with the kids from the beginning. They get one gift from us, and the big deal is that on their birthday, they call all of the shots. Sometimes this includes going to the toy store and picking out another gift. Last year, we took the girl to see The Imagination Movers. Sometimes we just run around the park and then get ice cream. She had a really fun day, and then yesterday she had her birthday party at my parents' house. Lots of gifts, sliders and mini chicken sandwiches with lots of fixings, ice cream cake, whoopie pies, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. And OF COURSE, HELLO KITTY. I made a giant Hello Kitty face, and then cut out a bunch of pink bows, and we played "pin the bow on Hello Kitty" - it was fairly hilarious. We couldn't find anything to use as a blindfold, so my sister had the genius idea to use rubber bands to fasten knee socks around people's heads. At least, she swears it was genius.

Today I sent the girl off to another Monday of preschool, complete with a basket of individually-wrapped homemade chocolate chip cookies and a gallon of milk. Yes, I was up all night baking them. Because for the last five years, that's just how I roll. It's pretty awesome.


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