Friday, April 6, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Week One

This week I started the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home series on Money Saving Mom. It has been pretty great so far, and I'm feeling good about all that I have been able to accomplish this week! I've decided to track my progress each Friday - you should definitely join along!

Every day includes a few of the same routines, such as getting dressed (yes, I know this might sound silly if you don't have kids or if you work outside of the home every day, but trust me, when you've spent the last five years at home with kids, it can be a challenge to do this), going over your goals for the day, and completing your normal morning routine.


I started by making a list of my goals for the week - about 12 things that I wanted to accomplish. It's now Friday night, and I still have several things on the list, but they are fun things like dyeing Easter eggs with the kids and baking a bundt cake to take to Easter dinner. A couple of things will get moved to next week's list of goals.

I did a quick clean of our main living area, just picking up toys, folding blankets, Swiffer dusting the shelves. Nothing too crazy.

It was super easy to clean out my purse because I'm using a small vintage one right now. However, there were plenty of receipts, some expired coupons, and a couple of wrappers that got chucked.

I picked out 7 things to get rid of and made a little pile to list on ebay.


Today's quick-clean was the kitchen. Very easy as it's part of my normal morning routine.

I cleaned out the fridge - another pretty easy task as I had just recently washed it.

One of my big goals for the week was to clean underneath both of the sinks in our house. I have needed to do this for quite a while, so I was glad to check it off of my list! I also washed both of our trash cans, another long-overdue chore.

We had to pick another 7 things to get rid of, and I decided that this was enough stuff to get listing on ebay. I took photos and measurement and made my listings - something I would normally leave sitting around for a while. I was really feeling the motivation to just get it done.

I was feeling so motivated, in fact, that I even baked a loaf of marbled cocoa banana bread

Another thing that I have been meaning to do for a while is to wash my makeup brushes. I found a great tutorial on youtube - it only took a few minutes and now they are like new.

I made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner, along with some steamed broccoli, and sweet potato fries with maple mayo for dipping. Tuesday was a super productive and happy day!

Today's quick-clean was the master bedroom, which was pretty easy. I did some light dusting and wrangled three loads of laundry together to do later in the week.

The big project of the day was cleaning out the freezer. In addition to the freezer that's attached to our fridge, we also have a stand-alone freezer in the basement. I had just recently cleaned that out, so my focus was mainly upstairs. I decided that I want to create a spreadsheet listing all of the items in each freezer - it can be so easy to forget what we have!

The bonus to cleaning out the freezer was that I found a few random things and cobbled together a lunch for myself out of them! A veggie burger on a slice of frozen whole wheat sourdough bread from Bread Alone, the last 5 potato faces in the bag, and of course, a pickle (not frozen, but necessary).


My Thursday was a little bit crazy as most of the day was spent out running errands. I had a few shopping trips to make, and the boy needed a haircut. We didn't end up getting home until around 4:30! I was able to do the quick clean of our bathroom, but the second assignment of cleaning underneath the furniture would have to wait another day, because I didn't want to be late for Crystal's first live webcast! It was so informative and encouraging. I'm hoping that she does more in the future!


The main assignment today was to take off all of the cushions on the furniture and vacuum and spot clean them. This was perfect as I was a little behind and was moving furniture and vacuuming anyway. Look at all of the treasures that I found (yes, that is a dirty spoon...and can you spy the lone jellybean?).

The other new assignment for the day was to take 15 minutes to yourself and relax. I was able to get out of the house for a few minutes by myself! I went to KMart in search of some special canning jars for a project, and while I was there I checked out the jewelry clearance section. I scored a few new pairs of earrings for 60 cents each!

I was able to get to all three loads of laundry done (yay!), and right now I'm getting all of the eggs boiled so the kids can decorate them tomorrow.

Also, the husband went out to Home Depot to get together all of the supplies that we'll need for our big bathroom update that we're getting ready to do. I am so excited about this project and I can't wait to share our progress!


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