Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mic Check: brown bird & O'Death, New Haven, CT 01/25/12

We had been looking forward to this show for weeks, and not just because we are mind-crushingly in love with brown bird. We were meeting up with some of our best friends, which pretty much makes any concert experience ten million times more enjoyable.

The show took place at BAR in New Haven, CT, and as if it couldn't get much better than listening to these guys play with O'Death on a random Wednesday evening, it was also COMPLETELY FREE, which boggles the mind. After waiting for about two hours to eat (as you do on a random Wednesday night at BAR, apparently), we headed into the back room and caught the very end of the opening act, New Haven's own The Proud Flesh. They seemed pretty cool, and I have since checked out their most recent EP The Depression Sessions. Um. Yes, please.

In the ever-unfolding tale of how the husband and I have absolutely no concept of how "big" the bands that we are obsessed with actually are, we were shocked to discover that brown bird was the opener for O'Death. What even would lead us to believe it would be the other way around? O'Death has been together for like 10 years. We are not in touch with reality, okay.

As expected, brown bird was powerful is this small setting. They bring an overwhelming energy, and you really just stand there in disbelief that it's just these two people making this incredibly full and layered sound. HOW DO THEY MAKE THE WOOD BLOCK SOUNDS. Is someone using their feet? How is that possible?!?!? We need to know! We were in the middle of the crowd, so it was difficult to see them, especially since Dave was sitting down for the whole show. I did manage to get a video for you. Feast your ears on one of my favorite tunes, Bilgewater:

(An aside to say that, while I'm generally not bothered by people who are overly enthusiastic at live shows, there does come a point when some people cross that line. For example, taking up the space of five people because you are flailing so wildly that you need that much room. Our friend Colin coined the nickname "Douchebag Hipster Willie Nelson" for one such fellow at this show. You know who you are. Please stop air punching to every song like a drunken fool. This is not a goddamned Phish show.)

By the time they closed out their set with Cast No Shadow, everyone was moving and clapping. It was great to have seen them again, and we are holding out hope that they'll be back (and at a bigger stage) at Newport this year. The husband even went and talked to Dave for a minute! He is a super sweet guy!

After a somewhat less-than-brief changeover, it was time for O'Death. We mysteriously made our way to the very front of the staging area, and while this was great news for my video camera, it was seriously sucky news for my eardrums. O'Death is great, and we have become fans of a lot of their videos on youtube. But. Um. They were seriously loud, and they knew that they were seriously loud, and they were distressed about this fact because they don't like to be so loud because it makes them sound not so good. Unfortunately, we are old, and we appreciate our eardrums too much to let them suffer, so after I took some footage, we decided that we needed to leave. Have some Only Daugher. It's really good. (I promise it is considerably less loud than it was live):

All in all, a delightful evening of live music spent with some awesome friends and some mighty delicious pizza and beer. What more could you ask for? Besides, like, not so much volume. #oldpeopleproblems


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