Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Actual Conversations: Steph & Amanda, 02/01/12, 12:30 PM

A bit of backstory for this one:

Amanda and I are going to visit Steph in a few weeks. We're going to be in the city on the same night that Chris Hardwick is doing a live taping for a Comedy Central special, but the show is late and Amtrak will be closed by the time it's over, so we can't store our bags at the train station as we normally do. We've been brainstorming ways to get around the bag issue. Behold, this email chain.

9:46 AM - Steph
I'm currently asking around to people who I THINK still live in the city, to see if you can leave your bags there. I'll let you know!

12:30 PM - Amanda
Well, I just searched my FB Friends list for NYC folks and I don't have a lot of prospects. There's always [name redacted]. Or [name redacted]. Or [name redacted]. Or Mike Birbiglia (yes, I am actually FB friends with him - we have a mutual connection since he went to Gordon's high school!)

12:33 PM - Kristi
Sample email:

Hey, Mike Birbiglia!

I know that you don't know me, but I totally know you. You went to the same high school as my husband, Gordon. You probably don't know him either, but again, WE TOTALLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I'm going to be in town for a few hours on February 17 with some friends. We need a place to store our bags for a few hours while we go watch Chris Hardwick do a stand-up show for Comedy Central. Would it be cool if we swung by your place, ditched our bags, and then came back to pick them up around 11ish? It would be really convenient for us.

You can totally trust me. Again, I know who you are.


Amanda (wife of Gordon, who totally went to the same high school as you)

12:43 PM - Amanda
P.S. We also know you know Chris Hardwick and that he'd be cool with it.


  1. if you can huff it to riverdale, you can leave your stuff at my place.

  2. oh, but why can't you leave your stuff at steph's place?