Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Affirmation Part 2: Nas is Nasty, Dr. Dog is New, and my Andrew Bird Merch-Flail Can Be Seen From Space

Some more highlights from this week for you to enjoy.

1. This video for Nasty by Nas has been getting serious play since Tuesday afternoon. See if you can spot the bottles of CIROC. Can we please have his new album now I MEAN.

2. Were you aware that one of my favorite bands, Dr. Dog, has got a new album coming out on February 7? Here's a new track that I have been enjoying called That Old Black Hole. Capital Region peeps take note - they'll be playing at Northern Lights on March 20. Best believe we will be there.

3. Did you see the limited edish pre-order package for Andrew Bird's new album, Break It Yourself? I can't even handle my flail. Just go and see. I mean. IT COMES WITH STATIONARY.


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