Monday, November 7, 2011

My Child Is An Artistic Genius, and Other Things That Every Parent Says But That I Am Totally Correct About

You guys. Yesterday morning, the girl asked me for some construction paper, her scissors, and a glue stick. At the end of the day, she presented this to the husband.

It's a lawnmower cutting the grass.

And she made a flap that opens to reveal a self-portrait and her name.

You guys.

She did this all on her own. And I can't even handle how genius she is.

I know that every parent thinks that their kid is pretty special. But when I see the things that she makes and the thoughtfulness and ingenuity that is just inherent to her being, I am in awe.

Our entire home is her gallery. Nothing makes me happier than to hear her running over to me, begging for tape so that she can hang her latest piece. I never want this art to end. 4 is such an awesome age.


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