Monday, October 17, 2011


There is nothing like homemade construction paper pumpkins. NOTHING.

Another weekend went by in a flash. Saturday was pretty low-key. We got our furnace serviced, and then the husband went into work. The kids and I bummed around the house making Halloween decorations and taking it easy. So much fun! The girl was especially excited to be decorating for Halloween, and the boy went right along, pointing to where he wanted me to hang his share of paper pumpkins and cats. (The boy's pumpkin is on the left, and the girl's is on the right. They are so cute!) The girl drew a vampire - I mean. CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE THIS.

He even has a cape! 

The kids and I made some grape jello, and I attempted to make a peach cobbler. Oh my. It did not go well. TOSSED INTO THE YARD YOU GUYS.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to go and walk with my family at the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer walk in Albany. It was a beautiful day - the sun was shining and there was a nice light breeze. The kids sat in their strollers the whole time, which was actually nice. The boy even fell asleep for a bit!


My sister helping my aunt with her pink shirt! My aunt is a breast cancer survivor of one year, and we were walking for her!

Can you even handle this beautiful dog wearing a teeshirt? So cute.

 So much pink!

 There were so many adorable dogs at the walk. This one got tired and had to be carried!

The boathouse. 


After the walk, we went back to my parents' house and had some pizza. We got home around 5:00 and the kids were exhausted. The boy asked to go to bed around 6:30 (!!!), and the girl hung out with me on the couch until the husband got home from work. The boy had a rough night of sleep as he's got a little cold, so we're taking it easy today. FUN TIMES!


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