Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top Search Terms, September 2011

It does not surprise me that the vast majority of my reading audience (which I guess would be like 12 or so people) are my friends, who usually click through to my posts when they pop up in their facebook feeds. Now that facebook is all crazy, I'm seeing a total shift in where people are coming from to view my blog. Which is kind of cool and makes me feel nice.

By far my favorite feature of the statistics tracker on blogger is the section that tracks the search terms that people use on google that lead them here. At the beginning of September, I noticed that some of the terms were just ridic, so I started keeping a list of my favorites. So here are the best search terms from September. PEOPLE ARE SO CRAZY YOU GUYS.

"movie with ryan reynolds and donald sutherland" - Obviously, you were thinking Ryan Gosling, but you wrote Ryan Reynolds, and what you really meant was Ben Foster. HAPPENS TO ME ALL OF THE TIME.

"ryan gosling the mechanic" - THANK YOU.

"katy perry cube hat" - This one was a super popular search. Like, I'm pretty sure there were over 8 searches for this that lead to my VMA review. I'm having a really hard time understanding why I was so high up on the list of websites covering the cube hat. It was ridiculous, right?

"stacey carosi" - BLESS YOU CHILD OF THE 90s.

"ryan gosling suit pizza" - I don't know what you were looking for, but thanks a lot because now I must find it, too.

"the crap away on the" - Hmm...a valid description of what I've got going on here.

"dump head gif" - I'm hoping you were looking for the gif of Mr. Shue dumping glitter on Sue's head. Or else shit just got REALLY WEIRD.


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