Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday With Friends

We woke up (fairly) early(ish) on Saturday morning and with our bags packed and our cooler stuffed with smokehouse meat, we headed on our way to New Haven, CT to visit some of our favorite people in the world.

We stopped into Ikea, as we usually do when we're in town, and it was as depressing as it usually is. It's not that we even want to buy all of the things any more, it's just that everything is set up there in a way that makes complete sense, so we have these conversations that are like, "WHY IS OUR BEDROOM FURNITURE SO HUGE. WE COULD BE USING THE SPACE SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENTLY. WE NEED TO START OVER. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY."  The kids were excited to eat at the restaurant, and in their usual fashion they ate nothing because there is a small play area and they just wanted to run around and make friends. We left having purchased only the few things that we went in with the intention of purchasing (plus a few new kitchen towels, because their kitchen towels are amazing), and all was well. Then on the way out we noticed the fliers alerting us to the fact that our French press has been recalled. THANKS FOR THAT, IKEA. Then it was on to our friend Neil's house.

You can only hope to contain him.

Just making sure everything is up to code.

When we arrived, Neil and our friend Joel were out front doing a bit of landscaping. The kids were intrigued and the boy immediately grabbed at a shovel so that he could "help". The girl took a turn, too, wasn't really her thing. 

A gentlemen's agreement.

Kirby needs to have some babies.

More of our friends began to show up, and soon Neil's house was full. We met some new people (including a lovely baby named Jasper, whom the boy took a real interest in) and shared a bunch of grilled meat and mashed potatoes and salad. And there was a lot of beer, because everyone decided that they should bring some, just in case anyone else forgot. There is likely still a lot of beer, because we are all old.

Colin enjoys some beer. But not the watermelon beer. That was just weird.

Gaff is explaining something to the husband and Emily. Probably something from Interwebz.

Neil likes mashed potatoes.

The girl shows Kirby how to use his iPhone.

We had a really great time talking and eating and laughing. There was cheesecake. GAFF'S CHEESECAKE. It's amazeballs, and now he has to make it every time we get together. Along with French toast, because he also makes amazeballs French toast. 

We had planned on spending the night, but the girl got a bit nervous at that prospect, so we ended up driving back home through the night, returning around 3 a.m. We hope to be back to see everyone again soon, because we miss our friends so much, and every time we get together it's even better than the time before. We love you guys. Thanks for still letting us hang out with you.


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