Monday, October 31, 2011

$400 Grocery Challenge Week 4 Recap

autumn chopped salad

Well, we've made it through 4 weeks, and we are definitely under budget. I feel like we've been eating really well (with the few exceptions last week when we ate out, which believe me, we payed for dearly), and even during days of panic, everything worked out ok.

This week saw a small trip to the local chain store, and stock-up at BJs Wholesale. Other than those 2 trips, I haven't needed to pick up anything else.

I tried a lot of new recipes this week, all from Pinterest. A lot of them were really great, but there were a couple of losers in the mix. Here's a look at our dinners this week:

                     *roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted Parmesan broccoli, apple cheddar scones
                     *autumn salad of mixed greens, feta cheese, pears, dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds with
                       bacon bits and balsamic vinaigrette, and cheesy breadsticks
                     *sweet potato and sausage bake with scrambled eggs and toast
                     *cheddar ale soup & 30 minute yeast rolls (We did not eat these things, because OMG
                       GROSS. Instead, we had cereal.)
                     *egg sandwiches
                     *homemade cheese pizza

One night, the kids had rice and carrots and yogurt, and the husband and I had a late night dinner of ice cream. Because we can do that. I also baked a crazy dessert on Monday that we have been chipping at all week. One layer of chocolate chip cookie, one layer of Oreos, one layer of brownie. I mean. I'm not a huge sweets person, but a little chunk of it is pretty insane.

apple cheddar scones. OMG AMAZING.

Total spent this week: $74.75

Total spent this month: $332.84

This month, I used up a lot of freezer and pantry stock, which was good. I'm now ready to plan out what we need to get our winter pantry in order, and I have a very good idea of what our monthly budget looks like. I feel like we ate pretty well. The vast majority of what we ate was homemade and non-processed foods. I tried a lot of new recipes, some of them yummy, others not so much. This was a good exercise for us - I feel like I was very mindful of what I was buying rather than just making a list and tossing things into the cart. 

I have been without coffee now for three weeks. This is absolutely the longest I have gone without it since college. (I did have one cup of coffee last Sunday when the husband treated us to breakfast, but other than that it's been tea for me.) I haven't had any headaches and I actually feel like I am in a better mood in the morning since cutting the coffee out. Yay!

I plan on continuing to keep track of our weekly spending in this way, and to continue to be very conscious about the foods that I am buying and preparing. I'm hoping to try a lot of new things in November. I love the start of a new month! 


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