Monday, September 19, 2011

Thrifty: Vintage Craft Storage + More!

It was a nice little Saturday morning for thrifting about, I must say. I had both of the kids with me, which can sometimes be a challenge, but they had a great time hunting for treasures. Things got a little out of hand when some overly generous dude let them fill up a big plastic bag with all manner of trashy plastic toys (THANKS, UNIVERSE), but what can you do. The price you pay.

First, we hit up a church tag sale, which actually took place in the parking lot of our local K Mart. I'm not sure if this is how they always do it, or if they maybe had some flooding in their basement, so they moved it here? I don't know. But when you've got tables set up and marked "10 cents", "25 cents" and "FREE"? WORKS FOR ME.

Fire King soup mugs - 10 cents each. They're pretty worn, but I'm going to use them as storage in my craft cabinet for pins and ribbons and such.

Vintage Holiday Candy Tin - 25 cents. More craft storage I think. I loved how unique this was - it's so thin!

Set of 3 vintage porcelain cats - 10 cents. The boy wanted these, but then forgot about them once he saw the toy table. They still ended up in our bag, thanks to an overzealous tag sale coordinator. I think they're cute, though.
Round Pyrex baking dish - FREE. I'm hoping that someday I will stumble upon a lid for this.
Oval Divided Pyrex baking dish - $1. From a garage sale. Again, I hope to find a lid.

Vintage Fisher Price Wind Up Radio Music Box - $1. Another garage sale find. Love the vintage Fisher Price. I also love that this has a little handle. The boy has been carrying it around all afternoon.

Old phone - 25 cents. For the kids to play with, as they are currently obsessed with pretending to talk on the phone. I need to keep a lookout for another one, as you can imagine they have already started to fight over this one.

Yellowstone National Park Souvenir Plate - $2. I got this at a yard sale several years ago, but it was unearthed this weekend, so I thought I would share. I plan on hanging it in my kitchen, which is a similar greenish yellow color. 

Vintage suitcase - 25 cents. I mean. This has to be my favorite find of the day. I've wanted some old suitcases to use as storage on top of my craft cabinet for overflow fabric and yarn storage. This was my lucky day. This was sitting underneath a table and I quickly scooped it up. There was also a super gigantic suitcase, but I was afraid that it was just too big to sit on top of my cabinet.
I gave it some Febreeze and let it sit out on the deck to air out (and accidentally left it out overnight, so it was wet this morning and I had to leave it out to dry. whoops.), but this thing is pretty much pristine on the inside. LOVE.

I also got a couple of records - the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie and Fleetwood Mac Rumors. They were $2 each, which is kind of steep for yard sale prices, but whatevs. They were good finds, so I'm ok with it. Also, not pictured are all of the random things that the kids picked out. You know, weird dolls, plastic cars,  miniature art supplies, Polly Pocket houses. All told I spent $10. You can't beat that, my friends. Have you been thrifting lately? Found anything good?

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  1. Oh my ... i have those soup mugs in four colours. Buried somewhere, but i own them. Thank god i am moving so i can find all the necessary crap that i have forgotten i own!