Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not A Good Sewing Day, Man

Early this morning, I decided it would be a great day to sew some new clothes for the kids. It was rainy and dreary, it wasn't a preschool day so we didn't have anywhere to go, and I felt a sudden burst of motivation. CONDITIONS ARE PERFECT.

I should have known better.

First, I figured that it was pretty crucial that I change out my summer clothes for my fall and winter ones. CONSTRUCTIVE AND NECESSARY. I took stock of my loungewear situation and I discovered that I absolutely need more lounge pants. Because. Seven pair is not enough. After getting everything put away, I finally took out my sewing machine. It had been a while.

Then I had to gather fabric from the basement, where a lot of my knits and larger yardage live in bins. I decided it was just easier to bring the bins upstairs. They are kind of heavy. I kind of have a lot of fabric. This took another 20 minutes or so between lugging, catching my breath, and deciding what to use. I ended up with a ridiculous heap next to my desk. Of course, the children were busy destroying the family room and did not notice me.

I started small, with a simple skirt for the girl. After sewing the first seam, I realized that I don't have any elastic on hand. Pretty much making this a failed project.

Sad seam is sad.

Then I drafted a pattern for pants for both of the kids. They seemed out of proportion, but I was like, "I'M SURE THIS WILL WORK OUT. AFTER ALL, I AM TOTALLY IN THE MOOD TO BE SEWING RIGHT NOW."

I knew I wouldn't be able to finish the pants as I had no elastic, but I thought I would get them most-of-the-way-done. It seems like the crotch isn't right on them. Another bummer.

Baby blue corduroy knit pants. For classy occasions.

At this point, I was getting frustrated. And the kids were screaming at each other a lot. And still destroying things. A long-sleeved teeshirt for the boy would not need any elastic, so I started to draft a pattern. Things seemed to be going well - the pattern seemed good, the sleeve cuffs were cute, and I was feeling like, "See? What were you worrying about before? It's going to be a great shirt that will totally be worth the last three hours of bullshit. JUST WAIT AND SEE."

Oh my god.

What in the fresh hell is going on with this crooked-ass neck? I HAVE NO IDEA. Everything was going so well, and I even ripped the sleeve out and tried again. WHYYYYYYYYYYY.

So that's when I decided to bake some bread (see: first photo). 

The bread was awesome.

Because today was a good day for baking bread.

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  1. Well, it's nice to know that even you have bad sewing days!!