Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mic Check: The Avett Brothers, Cooperstown, NY 09/27/11

It's the brewery! And it's kind of raining a little! NO MATTER.

On Tuesday night, the husband and I got away on a little date. We dropped the kids off with my parents and drove up to Cooperstown, NY to the Brewery Ommegang. It was the last night of their summer concert series, and YOU GUYS, it was awesomesauce. 

We got there a little before 5:00 and just kind of hung out while we waited for our friends to arrive. WE HAVE FRIENDS YOU GUYS. The weather was really warm, which is totally weird for this time of year, but it felt good.

People kept trickling in, and there were a couple of random bursts of rain, but we had an umbrella, so we were unphased. 

SNAP. I'm sure this won't cause problems later on, what with everyone parked in a big open field. NO PROBLEMO.

Before long, all manner of lovely people found us standing in the back, because you know, that's where old people stand. In the back. Where there is little chance of having to interact with a stranger or deal with a drunk dude who can't find his girlfriend. Because there is always one of those.

It's the husband! And Kate! And Andi!

That's Brandi Carlile in the middle, looking like a tiny woman with a guitar. I was annoyed that her bass player had a brighter spot than she did. QUALITY LIGHTING DESIGN.

We ate some food, drank some beer (Rare Vos = YESSSSS) and then it got dark and started to rain again. A steady stream, for pretty much the entire 4 hours that we stood there. GOOD TIMES, THO. There was an opening act, Nicole Atkins. She likes to paint denim and sell it at the merch tent. We didn't particularly enjoy her, but you know. It happens. Then, through some sort of miracle and a bit of luck, Brandi Carlile was the second opener. I MEAN. She was supposed to have a show at the Oneonta Theatre this night, but there happens to be a lot of crossover in her fanbase with the Avetts, so the promoter decided to combine the shows. THANK YOU. Because Brandi Carlile is amazing. We had seen her at Newport last year, along with The Avett Brothers, and she was one of our favorite performances of the weekend. I eerily predicted that she would close her set with Forever Young. This clip is from a bar in 2010, but please to enjoy her awesomeness:

There was more raining. And more beer. And sugar waffles, which are pretty much 100 times more delightful than they even sound. AND ALSO, MORE RAIN.

Andi can't handle it. 

She tries to escape my lens.

A wet sugar waffle is still a delicious sugar waffle.

The Avett Brothers finally came out, and just wow. Phenomenal. Incredible. Electric. JUST EVERYTHING.


Our view was obstructed a lot of the time, but you know, it didn't really matter because everyone was just so happy to be listening to it all, even soaking wet in the rain for hours. Time seemed to fly by and they had already been playing for an hour and you just didn't want it to stop.

Abby hearts Avetts.

It's the other Kate! It's her birthday! She is wet and she don't care! Andi is drunk! WHEEEEEEE!


Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - it might just be the best thing I have ever witnessed. They were out of control. OHMYGODIFOUNDACLIPONYOUTUBE:

We ended up leaving around 10:45, and in retrospect we're pretty glad that we did. Remember how it was raining that whole time that we were there? Remember how we were parked in a field? Well. We had noticed that the path to the front gate was looking...muddy. So we walked around behind the food and merch tents, hoping to avoid it. The ground was totally soaked, and on the way through the gate I most definitely stepped into a muddy puddle that was about 3 inches deep. My socks were not impressed. The parking lot? Was a mud field. On the way to my car, we saw a tow truck trying to help people out, and several cars being pushed with people running along side of them. It was craziness. Luckily we made it out fairly easily, but we worried about how much worse it would get as the night went on and more people drove through the muck. I sent a text to our friend Bill that was essentially like, "GET OUT NOW. MUD IS BAD. END TRANSMISSION." And then the husband's phone died. (As an aside, Bill and Kate got out eventually, and Bill fell face-first into the mud. I would post a photo, but. That's not cool.)

A view from backstage, as we schlepped through the mud.

As we were leaving, we heard Kick Drum Heart, which obvs everyone loves, me and the husband included. So here's a video of what we missed:

And this one is for Kate, who got dragged out by Bill as this was starting:

It was so amazing to be a part of such a special night. And being there with your friends only makes it that much better. 

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  1. it looks like kate and me are totally putting the judgement face down on Andi.