Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty: Happy National Thrift Shop Day!

Actually, yesterday was National Thrift Shop Day. But in my opinion, you should celebrate it as much as you can, because thrifting is fun, yo!

We celebrated by stopping in to my favorite thrift shop and poking through piles of plastic toys and old housewares. Nothing that interesting for mama on this trip, but of course I can't help but get a few things for the kiddies. I AM A SUCKER OKAY. Especially when it's vintage.

I loved this Fisher Price grocery list/calculator. It's from 1984, and the kids approved. They are big into playing restaurant, and the girl decided that it would be perfect for taking orders and then calculating bills. She is a genius. 50 cents.

Then the girl found the most dreaded thing  that your child can find at the thrift store: the giant Ziploc bag of random crappy plastic kitchen accessories. It was like a haphazardly thrown together Dollar Store explosion. Pink and glittery purple and just gross. But she really wanted it, and it was only $1, so I said okay. Sometimes you have to let them choose what they like, whether you like it or not. I mean, I totally can't blame her, because when I was little I would have definitely wanted it, too. IT'S SO MUCH STUFF FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR I MEAN. I managed to throw a good chunk of the crap away on the sly when I bleached the hell out of everything when we got home. BALLIN.

The boy found a Bob the Builder Christmas video, so that was his item of choice. At 50 cents, I don't mind buying videos. We have a VCR in our bedroom, and sometimes the kids will go lay in the big bed and watch a video for some quiet time. It beats the consignment shops, which usually charge around $2 for a video. I don't even get that.

But then, there was the piece de resistance. There is a big shelf of board games and puzzles that I don't ever really look too hard at, but for some reason I looked up and spotted this:

YES. Strawberry Shortcake games from the 80s. I was so excited, you guys. This box has 4 games for toddlers - bingo, dominoes, lotteria and a memory game. And all of the pieces are still there. I MEAN. $1. The girl and I played with it for quite a while yesterday while the boy had his nap. Her favorite is the bingo game, because she likes the spinner.

Man, I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was little. I still have my original doll! The girl plays with it - she still smells like strawberries!

Is it weird that I am thinking about what these kids in these photos are doing now? Like, if they are just regular people or if they sit around like, "Remember that time I was on the cover of that Strawberry Shortcake game? That was a good time. Pass the crack."


  1. I WANT THAT GAME. Awesome. Very Jealous.

  2. @JessB
    The three of us just played Bingo and the Lotteria game. SO FUN. Even at 2 years old, the games are easy enough to understand.

  3. HOLY EFF. My friend Nicole had that game and we played it ALL. THE. TIME. Can't believe you found it in a thrift store!!

  4. @girlsinger

    Manda, next time you come to visit, we can totally play.