Monday, August 29, 2011

A Night at the Fair

We spent our Friday night at the County Fair. I have to say, I quite liked being there in the evening. The weather was cooler, I didn't have to squint as much, and by the time it got dark, the kids were pretty much ready to go home and pass out. We got some burgers and fries from the fire department, and then the girl wanted to ride all of the rides.

Not even a fritter this year. What in the what.

One of these years, I will get my damn fish fry on.

A rare example of gorgeous redundancy. 

Rides are expensive you guys. Luckily, the girl is still short enough that she basically rides for free with an adult. Unless you ask this one ridiculous carnie who wanted 6 tickets for her and the husband to ride the kiddie train. I mean. Just no.

The kids share a cotton candy the size of their collective heads. 


The Deep Fry Man. He claims he will deep fry anything for $5. Next year, I issue my challenge: DEEP FRIED DEEP FRIED DEEP FRY BATTER.

Every year, there is a small part of me that really wants an air brushed hat that reads "BAD DECISION." 

Please to enjoy this photoset of some kid getting thrown off of a mechanical bull, which I took from my car as we were leaving. 

Until next year, when I will no doubt look forward to obtaining funnel cake, only to once again leave empty-stomached.

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  1. Every time i pass an airbrushing booth i think of the brick shithouse t-shirt with the Union Jack that we got for Ken in London.