Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Which I Feel Special For Making Homemade Hamburger Rolls and Condiments

Yesterday was a satisfying day. It feels nice to make things from scratch, especially when those things are items that you find yourself constantly bitching about because the cost to purchase them from the store keeps rising.

Like hamburger rolls. I just don't understand. Most of them taste like glue, or fall apart easily, or are just plain gross. And most of them cost $2.50 or more for a bag of 8. This doesn't sit well with me, people. Especially when they're not even tasty.

I found a cool looking recipe for homemade hamburger rolls, so I decided to give them a try. SUCCESS.

The recipe made 8 hamburger buns of an average size. They took less than an hour to make!

I also made homemade ketchup! Yes! Again, it was so easy. I didn't really follow a recipe, but I did use one as an ingredient guide. You can find it here. I just wanted enough to fill my ketchup bottle, so I sized it down a little. I have taken to keeping good looking glass jars and bottles, which I then use to store homemade things. I bought this special edition Heinz ketchup specifically to get the glass bottle to use for later. I love it. 

Then I made a batch of my Italian dressing, which I store in an old Annie's dressing bottle. The screw cap is cracked, which bums me out, but I still use it. 

I had some leftover BBQ pork steak from Monday night, so I sliced it up and made sandwiches. Baked beans + salad = dinner. So yummy. The husband and I both agreed that the buns were awesome. Add another thing to the list of groceries I will never buy again!


  1. Yo.

    I love how your baking sheet looks all grease-burnt on and stuff. This here stuff be 4 realz.

  2. @James Haswell

    Oh yes. I don't mess around. That right there is years of baking!

  3. Love the hamburger buns. I have yet to attempt a recipe that calls for yeast. It intimidates me.