Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Clean Pantry and Some BBQ Sauce (No Relation)

Yesterday was a big day, you guys.


Look up there! Baskets of art supplies and vegetable seeds that I neglected to plant! Canned goods! JAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

Baking supplies! Rice! POPCORN KERNELS! You can't see all of my glass canisters in which I stash sugar, whole wheat flour, pasta, etc. but I assure you that they are there.

This pantry has a floor! It is no longer covered in expired (?) bottles of water! There is room to walk inside if you so desire! I AM EXCITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These photos are so blurry that I cannot even. But the hallway is dark, okay. And I'm sure that you don't really care about the details of my pantry contents, but I just needed to show this for the sake of posterity. PROOF THAT I AM, ON OCCASION, A PRODUCTIVE HUMAN BEING.

I also made some homemade barbecue sauce last night (That's kind of redundant, isn't it? Guess what, don't care.) for some pork steaks that I cooked for dinner. I doubled my recipe so that there was plenty leftover, and I filled up this lovely bottle that used to hold some homemade booze that we got as a Christmas gift.

After one night in the fridge, I noticed that it seems to have solidified somewhat. I assume this is because of the butter. I have made a mental note that I will need to let it sit on the counter for a few minutes before use to get it to loosen a bit. It's really yummy, though. You can snag the recipe for it here.

It's chilly out, yo. On the reals. I needed to put on a sweatshirt this morning. I suddenly feel the urge to bake some pumpkin muffins or something.

I'm hoping for another movie review this week, but no promises. I'm not sure why we only seem to watch terrible movies, but this next one is sure to be no exception.


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