Friday, July 8, 2011

What We Ate + Canned Watermelon Pickles

I love deviled eggs. I have no idea why I had only made them one other time in my life. It's probably because when I think of deviled eggs, I think of a whole platter of them, on one of those trays with the little egg divots in them. When I made our menu for the week, I picked sloppy joes and oven fries, which I haven't made in a while, and then I was like, "AND ALSO DEVILED EGGS."

I only hard-boiled three eggs, which made 6 deviled eggs, which was THE PERFECT NUMBER OF DEVILED EGGS. The husband was happily surprised to see them on the table.

Also, Sloppy Joes. Also, hand-cut steak fries, half of them plain salt + pepper, the other (larger) half of them with cajun seasoning. NOM NOM TO THE EFFING NOM. It was such a good dinner. And I don't even care if that makes me sound like I'm all up in my own flavor because I made it. IT WAS SO GOOD YOU NEED TO BELIEVE ME ON THIS ONE.

Also, hey! I canned up the pickled watermelon rind!

5 pints! A whole extra pint! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I hope this is good stuff. I had not realized that this particular method of pickling involves fermentation, which, you know, smells like rotting. So there was that. After these sit in the pantry for a few weeks, they should be ready to try. In the meantime, I think they're at least pretty to look at.


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