Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pickles and Play Dough

Yesterday, amidst the chaos, I still managed to keep up with the pickling process for my precious watermelon rinds. I ran into a bit of a snag when I could not find whole cardamon seeds anywhere. I checked the Dollar Store first, but they had nothing that I needed, so it was off to the grocery store. A jar of ground cardamon was $14. I'm serious. Also, whole cinnamon sticks? $6.50 for a jar of a few of them? No. I picked up the jar of pickling spices, and the ingredients were similar enough, and at $5 I was ready to be done. When I got home, and this will probably sound insane but whatever, I sorted through the pickling spice mix and picked out the ingredients that I needed. Added to a sliced lemon and sliced ginger and I had my cheesecloth sack of flavorings.

The syrup is a mix of sugar, water and vinegar, plus the flavor pouch. I let it boil and then simmer for about 5 minutes, and then added the rind and took it off of the heat. It's been sitting on the stove top since early evening yesterday, so tonight after boiling it again, it will be ready to process.

While I was working on this, the boy was taking a (very) late nap, and the girl wanted to hang out with me without actually helping (because really, there wasn't anything she could help with), so I made her a small batch of play dough and let her raid the bottom kitchen drawer, which houses all of the weird doo-dads that aren't sharp enough to puncture skin, but are still interesting enough that the kids will occasionally take them out to pretend that they're weapons.

 She spent a lot of time making tacos and pizzas. It was a perfect activity, especially considering that there was a random downpour happening at the time. And when little brother finally woke up, he stumbled into the kitchen, plopped down on a chair, and the girl ripped off a piece of her dough and shared it with him, unprompted. It was a beautiful thing.

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  1. so what is a quick batch of playdough? because it takes me hours to make playdough... enlighten me.