Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freezer Burritos and Pizza Monkey Bread

Friday was rainy, so it seemed like a good day to do some freezer cooking. I've recently started doing this once a week to get a good stock of pre-made meals stashed away. That way, if I don't feel like cooking some nights (which, let's be real for a minute, I get lazy quite often), we have things to choose from. Another benefit is that some weeks we won't need to go grocery shopping at all. Super awesome in the winter, when there have been weeks that I literally do not leave the house.

So last week I made a batch of 12 breakfast burritos, 10 bean and cheese burritos, and a dozen chocolate chip pancakes. I tried a breakfast burrito yesterday, and they were quite tasty! Egg, cheese, sausage, peppers, and onions, plus a little bit of taco sauce after you nuke it for about a minute and 45 seconds. The husband brought a bean burrito to work for lunch, and he said it was also good. We haven't braved the pancakes yet, but I'm hopeful.

I wrapped all of the burritos in paper towel and then aluminum foil, and I store them right in the bag that the tortillas came in.

Here's an incredibly yellow-toned photo of the pepperoni pizza monkey bread. YOU GUYS. You should make this, okay? But first, listen to my EVEN BETTER IDEA.

I want to make this again, but do all different kinds of fillings, like veggies, sausage, Hawaiian, whatever. But then I want to mix them all up when I put them in the pan SO THAT EVERY BITE IS A SURPRISE.

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER AND I NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. And there can be all different dipping sauces, like blue cheese and barbecue and marinara I MEAN I AM ON A ROLL HERE.

I'm taking it easy in the kitchen this week, because, you know, HARRY POTTER. I've been looking forward to this date night for several weeks now. We might even go out to eat. And by that I mean eat food court food.

Welcome to my life.

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