Monday, July 25, 2011

Even Our Weekends Are Nerdy (Come for Weekend Roundup, Stay for the Photo of ALL OF THE BACON)

This weekend went by so fast, as weekends often do. It was a whirlwind of finishing projects, preparing for our vacation, and hanging out with family. Just the right mix of everything, if you ask me.

The husband had a lot on his wishlist of things to get done, so while he got to work outside, I took the kids on an errand run. It was still a hot day, but for some reason it seemed cooler than it had been. (It was 90 degrees. Like, how is that cool by any stretch? I don't know man. It's the sleep deprivation.) The kids were good and so of course, after I was done at Target I had to pay the child tax (as the husband and I lovingly and not at all resentfully call it) and take them to the Dollar Tree so they could pick out some cheap crap to keep them amused for the rest of the day. The boy was so excited, man. He immediately picked up one of those plastic baseball bats (which would later be taken from him as he discovered it made a perfect weapon with which to torture his sister, as well as his father as he aimed it at the television), and then gravitated towards a little mesh bag with plastic alligators in it for the bathtub. HE LOVES THEM. He calls them dinosaurs. It's so cute. The girl, no doubt sensing that I was not excited to be spending money on more junk, eyed the most glittery item in the joint - the dreaded Dollar Store Fairy Wings. You guys. My car is covered in glitter. These things. They are of the devil.

One set of lace-up paper dolls and two boxes of animal crackers later, everyone was satisfied and it was time to go home. The husband finished installing all of the railings on our new deck, and he even installed a beam to hang my precious clothesline, which has been out of commission for months. Wheeeee! I was excited to show him my haul from Target, purchased for a mere $4.50:

U JELLY BRAH? Tons of school supplies for les children, man soap, Tums, juice - $4.50. It's all about the coupons. 

The kids passed out eventually, and the husband and I stayed up way too late watching Comic-Con coverage on G4. OMG YOU GUYS I WANT ALL OF THE THINGS. We constantly have the conversation about what it would be like if we ever made it to The Con, and every time we discuss how much money we would need, the number goes up. "I mean, we would need at least $1,500. Wait...OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE "THE MIGHTY THOR" I MEAN I WOULD HAVE NEEDED TO BUY THAT AND WHAT ABOUT THE STARS WARS FIGURES BUNDLE THAT COMES IN THE DEATH STAR CASE MAYBE WE WOULD EACH NEED $2,000," and then I'm all "BRO DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT $1,500 WOULD BE LIKE MY TEESHIRT BUDGET ALONE I MEAN LET'S BE REAL FOR A MINUTE IS SHE WEARING A NYANICORN TEESHIRT AMG IT'S NOT EVEN GOOGLEABLE I NEED TO DIE." Suffice it to say, we need at least $10,000 before we can even think about going to Con, because we need to buy all of the things. End. So there are a lot of things that I'd like to write about that are Con related, but I'm thinking it will have to wait for tomorrow because there are so many things and it needs to be its own post and I'm kind of freaking out about MK9 announcing Freddy Krueger, and if I still can't handle that much then perhaps I'm not in the right frame of mind to start babbling on about my feelings about the new Masters of the Universe figures and other things of incredible importance. /breath

Yesterday was fun. We did some shopping for our vacation and then we hung out with my family. My cousin graduated from high school in June, and there was much food and talking and general good times.

I must draw your attention to the most glorious thing I have ever seen. This sandwich. This...this BLT. I just. If you look at it directly, it will capture a piece of your soul. 

I mean, it was about 2 inches of bacon you guys. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH BACON YOU CAN FIT IN A 2 INCH SPACE. I wish that I could tell you that I ate this whole thing, but bacon won this round. To quote my cousin, "I severely overestimated the amount of bacon that I could reasonably consume in one sitting." TRUTH.

The kids had tons of fun running around outside and playing on the old swingset. There was a whole lot of sliding and pretending that they were on a pirate ship. And no, all of that running around did not translate to them going to bed early, but thanks for the optimism.

This was the first time in ages that ALL of us cousins were together in the same place for an extended period of time, so I was like, "WE NEED TO GET A PICTURE OF ALL OF THE COUSINS BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS AT LEAST ONE OF US MISSING YOU GUYS." The husband took some really great shots, but I think that this one pretty much says it all. Much love to you all. <3

And now, I do all of the chores and start packing. PASS THE LEFTOVER BACON.

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  1. what is this "leftover bacon" of which you speak?